Mississippi’s Republican Governor Promoted an Evangelical Pastors’ Summit

Nov 2, 2018

By David Gee

It’s no surprise that the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause prevents the government from promoting a specific religion. At least it’s not surprising to anyone who’s read the Constitution. Apparently that excludes Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant.

The Republican recorded a promotional video for a “Pastors Summit” that took place in early October while acting in his official capacity as the state’s leader. He also promoted an event for evangelical Christians, scheduled for April, in that same video.

Our state-wide faith event is on the 27th of April. So come, we want all of the churches, we pray that all of the churches and all of the denominations will come together for that one special evening, the encouraging messages. And we will be there doing God’s work here in Jackson, Mississippi.

Let’s start a movement here that will go not only across Mississippi, but across the nation, to make again this One Nation, Under God, beginning here in Jackson, Mississippi.

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One comment on “Mississippi’s Republican Governor Promoted an Evangelical Pastors’ Summit”

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    But would evangelicals just sit back and relax if a Democratic
    governor urged citizens to take part in a similar event for Muslims or

    To be fair, I doubt if they’d sit back and relax if a Republican in any capacity promoted Islam. But to be even fairer, the odds of that happening are such that I’d have a better chance of winning the lottery.

    No, the real question is why citizens of any political or religious affiliation would allow this. I wonder if Mississippians are even aware that he is violating his oath of office.

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