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Ohio County GOP Chair: Deadly Wildfires Are ‘God’s Punishment To Liberal California’

Nov 21, 2018

By Michael Stone

Deplorable: Ohio County GOP Chair Dave Johnson claims the deadly wildfires ravaging California are “God’s punishment” for being a liberal state.

Johnson, the Chairman of the Columbiana County Republican Party, is in hot water after making despicable social media posts blaming the wildfires in California on liberals.

On his facebook page Johnson posted images of the devastating fires in California with text superimposed on the images:

One caption reads:

God’s Punishment to Liberal California

And another states:

Hell on Earth, brought to you by Liberals in California.

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2 comments on “Ohio County GOP Chair: Deadly Wildfires Are ‘God’s Punishment To Liberal California’

  • Johnson’s childish and despicable comments were met with strong condemnation

    The trouble is, that Dave Johnson is correct.  If there is a God, then He is almighty, and thus the cause and perpetrator of everything.  It follows from the various disasters that He inflicts on us, His beloved children, that He is also capricious, violent, angry, jealous and quite unsuited to His role as our parent.

    Also, the claim that He gives us free will is incompatible with His alleged almightiness, so the actions of Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot and the IMF are all, ultimately, on His score sheet.

    Which makes him the sort of bloke you wouldn’t like to hang around with.

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