Pre-Election Billboard Ads Portray Donald Trump as Second Coming of Jesus

Nov 5, 2018

By Bo Gardiner

Still thinking about not voting on Tuesday because you’re annoyed with politics and the system? Considering casting some type of protest vote? Maybe this new digital billboard will scare you into voting to fight Trumpism. Appearing in at least two states, the ad suggests Donald Trump is literally the Second Coming of Jesus.

Multiple independent reports on social media point to at least two billboards carrying this message — one in St. Louis, Missouri and another outside Waco, Texas. It seems likely there are more out there.

A Facebook group, created on Oct. 9th, called “Make the Gospel Great Again,” is taking credit for the billboards:

This is one of our efforts, yes! We are nationwide, bringing the good news of God re-taking his country, and making it a stronger, more Christian place… We are a group of evangelicals from both Baptist and non-denominational backgrounds who love Jesus and the Bible. We don’t have an office or website other than this facebook page. It’s sparse, but we moved up our plans for the election this year. We expect liberals and other non-Christians to attack our faith and mock us. They will stop at nothing to deceive believers and overthrow our President so we are fine with this.


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  • If ever anyone doubted the damger of religion this is the proof. Trump would not be in office destroying decency at every turn if it were not for religious nutters who thought God could use a bad man for good works.

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