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Rubio cites Bible verse amid recount criticisms: ‘You cannot count what is not there’

Nov 14, 2018

By Emily Birnbaum

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Wednesday tweeted a Bible verse amid his criticism of the Florida recounts, writing, “You cannot count what is not there.”

“What is crooked cannot be made straight, and you cannot count what is not there. Ecclesiastes 1:15,” Rubio wrote.

Rubio, who frequently posts Bible passages, posted the quote as he continues to accuse Democrats of attempting to “steal” elections in Florida as the races for governor and Senate undergo recounts mandated by law.

Rubio for days has accused election officials and Democrats in Florida’s Broward and Palm Beach Counties of malign activity, sometimes without presenting evidence of these claims.

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4 comments on “Rubio cites Bible verse amid recount criticisms: ‘You cannot count what is not there’

  • I can’t get upset about people who quote the bible – I’m prone to do it myself, particularly against THEM. A knowledge of the Good Book is generally thought of as showing some signs of an erudite, literary person. Once in a seminar in University of Western Australia, Paul Kovesi, whom some of our huge readership may remember, turned to me, after I had pointed out a biblical reference in Midsummer Night’s Dream which he had missed, and lisped in his Hungarian accent, Kevin, in ze Mittle Agches, zey ust to zay zat ze Devil alvays knows ze bible best.

    He was a lovely bloke, and a fine teacher. God rest him. How we auld fellas reminisce.

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  • ‘You cannot count what is not there’
    It looks like American farmers are counting markets which are not there thanks to trump and his trade wars!


    American farmers are struggling to sell their products as tariffs introduced during the trade war between Washington and Beijing stifle demand.
    In certain states, farmers are being forced into plowing their crops under — effectively burying them under soil in fields — as there is simply not enough storage room in storage facilities.
    The problem is most acute for soybean farmers, as China generally buys about 60% of US soybeans but has basically stopped purchases since tariffs began.

    Chinese purchases generally make up about 60% of all US soybean exports, according to the Farm Credit Administration, but those exports have practically stopped since the tariffs were introduced.

    In Louisiana, as much as 15% of this year’s soybean crop has been plowed under or is too damaged to sell, according to data analyzed by Louisiana State University staff and cited by Reuters.


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  • Alan #3


    China has resolved in the last few years to invest disproportionately in its agricultural sector, targeting 12.5% er growth per annum.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that soy production is being invested in like mad, probably also by them in Africa, but certainly in Kazakhstan an Brazil.

    The US will never get the trade back and most particularly to teach the US the folly of electing fools.

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