Sessions details next steps for Justice Department’s religious liberty task force

Nov 1, 2018

By Dartunorro Clark

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday announced next steps for the Justice Department’s Religious Liberty Task Force, inspired by one of the Supreme Court’s most important rulings on religious rights in decades.

After the nation’s highest court ruled last year that states cannot refuse all financial aid to churches, Sessions said Monday that the task force would focus on rooting out “other instances” of discrimination at the federal level.

“Today I am ordering the religious liberty task force to examine — in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling — whether there are other instances in which this kind of discrimination is occurring at the federal level,” Sessions, speaking to the Boston chapter of the conservative legal group The Federalist Society, said. “If so, it must, and will, stop.”

Sessions claimed that “respect for religious liberty” has eroded in recent years, and the task force is necessary to defend people of faith and confront a growing cultural and political threat to the free practice of religion.

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3 comments on “Sessions details next steps for Justice Department’s religious liberty task force

  • I’m reminded of the infamous Boston Tea Party, and how far we’ve sunk.

    Back then, we were protesting taxation without representation. Now we are promoting representation without taxation.

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