"InSight lander" by NASA/JPL-Caltech / Public Domain

What’s next for NASA’s Mars InSight lander?

Nov 27, 2018

By Ashley Strickland

On Monday, the NASA Mars InSight lander survived the “seven minutes of terror” during entry, descent and landing to safely arrive on Mars and took up permanent residence on the Red Planet. Unlike the rovers already on the Martian surface, InSight will stay put during its planned two-year mission.

What will the stationary craft do until November 24, 2020?

InSight has already been busy. Since landing, it has taken two photos and sent them back as postcards to Earth, showing off its new home.

These initial images are grainy because the dust shields haven’t been removed from the camera lenses yet.

And late Monday, mission scientists were able to confirm that the spacecraft’s twin 7-foot-wide solar arrays have unfurled. With the fins folded out, InSight is about the size of a big 1960s convertible, NASA said.

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