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Catholic Chastity Speaker Tells TX Public School Students “Safe Sex Isn’t Safe”

Dec 7, 2018

By Hemant Mehta

A Texas school district invited an abstinence-only advocate to speak to students during the school day recently, and they were rewarded with the exact kind of misinformation you’d expect from someone whose sex education résumé consists solely of the word “Don’t.”

Jason Evert, a Catholic author, told kids at Industrial High School in Vanderbilt that “safe sex isn’t safe,” boys should “only date a girl if you can see yourself marrying her,” porn is bad, and birth control is evil.

So how did Evert even get through the doors of the school? Was he properly vetted? Did a district attorney approve this? Who decided kids should skip class in order to become dumber? The school’s administrators were clear that they said yes to the speaker… for reasons that they, and only they, think are valid.

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