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Christian Group Brags About WV Teachers Illegally Starting School Bible Clubs

Dec 3, 2018

By Hemant Mehta

The dumbest lawbreakers in society have to be the ones who broadcast their crimes to the world as if they’re invincible, and that seems to be what a Christian group known as GenerationNXT (Generation Next) did this past September when they posted this message on Facebook:

A big thank you to our Spotlight Church this week The Warehouse Church in Parkersburg, WV. Seven teachers and principals that attend TWC have stepped up to either start or join a NXT Club in their School!!!

In addition, TWC is one of GenerationNXT’s biggest financial sponsors. GenerationNXT is 100% funded by donations. If you would like to support our ministry and vision of “bringing God back into our schools,” please private message us for further details.

While the vision is just silly rhetoric (since God was never pushed out of schools), that first bit is troubling since public school officials legally cannot start or lead religious groups. It’s fine to have an after school Christian club if it’s student led, but teachers and administrators shouldn’t be running the show.

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2 comments on “Christian Group Brags About WV Teachers Illegally Starting School Bible Clubs

  • I hear about this kind of thing all the time.  Someone complained to me recently about her principal opening meetings with a prayer and saying things like, “we’re all Christians here”.  I’ve heard similar complaints about social services jobs.  I wonder what the connection is.


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  • Sean_W


    “we’re all Christians here”.

    That is an outrage!


    If I was sitting in that audience I’d be appalled!


    I have to wonder how that principal is getting away with this. Does no one correct him? I couldn’t keep my mouth shut in that situation even if I just started laughing out loud. These deluded theists need correction and I don’t feel bad about it. If they want respect they can earn it by keeping their mouths shut in public. This is not a gray area!

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