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Christian Group Opposes Meditation, Says Mindfulness Is Against Their Religion

Dec 17, 2018

By David G. McAfee

A Christian advocacy group is taking a stand against meditation in public schools, saying it violates separation of church and state by pushing students into “mindfulness” practices that are “clearly antithetical to the Christian religion.”

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), run by Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and longtime church/state separation opponent Jay Sekulow, is ironically arguing for secularism because they say mindfulness exercises discriminate against children of Christian parents by promoting Buddhist dogma. However, the evidence shows religion isn’t even part of any public school meditation programs.

The ACLJ said last week that public schools “have started down a slippery slope by incorporating Buddhist meditation practices in the classroom.”

Imagine your elementary school child coming home one night and explaining the actions that their teacher asked them to do that day — to close their eyes and obey an audio recording that tells them to clear their minds, to watch their memories and emotions float away on clouds, and to feel the love and warmth from their connection to the universe. How would you react if this same audio recording is telling your child to look inside themselves to reach inner-goodness and peace? Imagine that day after day, your child is subjected to 15-minute “Mindfulness” sessions that are similar to anciently established Buddhist and Hindu practices.

I would be… fine with it? Sounds relaxing. More to the point, it doesn’t sound religious at all.

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