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Citing the Bible, TN School Board Member Rejects Gay-Straight Alliance Club

Dec 19, 2018

By Hemant Mehta

This shouldn’t be controversial: A group of students at Volunteer High School in Tennessee wanted to start a chapter of the Gay-Straight Alliance and completed all the necessary steps to do it. Their principal approved the paperwork, and the group was official… except for one problem: The Hawkins County Board of Education has two conflicting policies about who gets final say over new student groups. One policy grants that authority to the principal; the other grants it to the school board.

That led to a “fiery” discussion between six of the board members last Thursday.

Many of them didn’t like the club, but they knew they couldn’t legally say no to it. Even the board’s attorney said the district would lose a lawsuit if they said no to the GSA’s formation. It’s not exactly enthusiastic approval, but a reluctant acceptance of how the law works. The board ultimately approved the group 5-1.

But that one vote came from a guy who has no business serving in elected office because he insisted that his interpretation of the Bible mattered far more than the Constitution, state laws, or what students wanted.

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