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Couple claims they were driven out of workplace for being ‘too gay’

Dec 5, 2018

By Rosa Marchitelli

A lesbian couple says they were driven out of their jobs as paramedics and firefighters in a small Alberta town for being “too gay.”

Sheri and Alyssa Monk say they were discriminated against and expected to follow different rules than their heterosexual colleagues, saying they were told not to talk about their personal lives at work and that the word “wife” was off limits.

The women have filed a complaint with Alberta’s Human Rights Commission about how they were treated while working in the emergency services detachment in Pincher Creek, a town of 3,700 people about two hours south of Calgary.

“There’s just this consistent double standard,” Sheri told Go Public during an interview. “If you are not in the closet and hiding it, you are seen as flaunting it.”

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