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D.C. may soon have America’s toughest conversion therapy ban

Dec 7, 2018

By Alex Bollinger

The D.C. Council approved two pro-LGBTQ bills and one “Sense of the Council” resolution yesterday.

The first bill – the Conversion Therapy for Consumers Under a Conservatorship or Guardianship Amendment Act of 2018 – bans licensed mental health professionals from providing conversion therapy for “a consumer for whom a conservator or guardian has been appointed.”

Currently, D.C. bans conversion therapy for minors, like 14 states do. The new law will extend that protection to adults who are in the care of another person.

“An individual whose medical decisions are made by a guardian or conservator is in a dependent status and could be subject to conversion therapy against their will,” according to testimony from Dr. Marc Dalton, Chief Clinical Officer at the D.C. Department of Behavioral Health.

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