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Florida GOP Gov.-Elect Appoints Anti-Science Members to Education Committee

Dec 11, 2018

By Hemant Mehta

With Florida’s next governor, Republican Ron DeSantis, ready to take the helm, you can bet science education isn’t on the list of priorities. We saw the first sign of that recently when DeSantis “announced his 41-person team to develop a plan aimed at implementing his education goals.”

On that list? Two people who are connected to a movement to downplay the effects of evolution and climate change in classrooms across the state.

Stephen Sawchuk of Education Week explains the concerns:

One of them, Keith Flaugh, is the managing director of the Florida Citizens Alliance, a local advocacy organization which supports “individual rights.” In Collier County, Flaugh submitted dozens of objections to science textbooks, alongside three other residents also affiliated with the FCA.

“Man-made global warming [is] presented as fact when it is still very much a theory!” he wrote in one of the challenges. In another: “Books that treat evolution as a proven science are discriminating and bully children and families against their religious beliefs.”

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