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God Declares Swamp Drained at Mar-a-Lago Super PAC Fundraiser

Dec 7, 2018

By Lachlan Markay

God told attendees of a political fundraising event at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate last month that the president is, indeed, draining the swamp.

The message was enthusiastically passed on by an evangelical pastor attending the lavish late November gathering for the American Pro-Israel PAC, a new pro-Trump political group courting donors with an assist from the president himself.

“The first thing He had me say is ‘Moses is dead,’” Pastor Curt Landry recalled telling attendees in a YouTube video posted last week. “What that means to us is that the swamp is dead. The way of doing things in the old way, in the swamp, the swamp is dead.”

But if the swamp was dead, those at the event, who paid as much as $100,000 to attend, seemed to be pouring a new one. The group they were there to support is a project of a Texas minister who claims—dubiously—to be an official White House surrogate, and is advised by a political operative and one-time Roger Stone associate who was subpoenaed by special counsel Robert Mueller this year.

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5 comments on “God Declares Swamp Drained at Mar-a-Lago Super PAC Fundraiser

  • @OP – God Declares Swamp Drained at Mar-a-Lago Super PAC Fundraiser

    It seems there is still quite a lot of draining to do!

    Nevertheless, another swamp thing is heading or jail!

    Michael Cohen, the former lawyer to Donald Trump who once said he’d take a bullet for the president, has been given a 36-month prison sentence.
    He is the first member of Mr Trump’s inner circle to be jailed over the special counsel’s inquiry into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

    He has pleaded guilty to crimes including campaign finance violations, tax evasion and lying to Congress.

    In a New York court on Wednesday Cohen lashed out at his former boss.

    The 52-year-old told Judge William Pauley that Mr Trump caused him to “follow a path of darkness rather than light”.

    He told the court his “weakness was a blind loyalty to Donald Trump” and that he “felt it was my duty to cover up his dirty deeds”.

    The sentencing was related to two separate cases brought by the Southern District of New York and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

    Mr Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations for his role in making hush money payments to women who alleged affairs with Mr Trump.

    He will serve that term concurrently with a two-month sentence he was given for lying to Congress about a possible Trump Tower project in Moscow, a charge levelled by Special Counsel Mueller.

    In addition the jail term, he was also ordered to forfeit nearly $2m (£1.6m)

    Former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, when confronted by the special counsel’s office, was quick to co-operate. He may end up with a sentence that includes no jail time.

    Michael Cohen, on the other hand, initially put up a legal fight. Prosecutors say he never fully co-operated. Now the 52-year-old is facing three years in prison.

    By all accounts, Mr Trump’s larger business empire is getting similar scrutiny. His long-time accountant is co-operating with investigators.


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  • I see some more “swamp-draining” by US courts!

    A Russian woman accused in the US of acting as an agent for the Kremlin to infiltrate political groups has pleaded guilty in a deal with prosecutors.
    Gun rights activist Maria Butina, 30, has admitted to engaging in a conspiracy against the US in a federal court in Washington DC.

    She allegedly tried to infiltrate the National Rifle Association (NRA) in an effort to influence US policies.

    Ms Butina initially pleaded not guilty. She has been in custody since July.

    She is accused of working with a Russian official and two US citizens.

    Her case has no connection with the Mueller inquiry into allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 election victory of President Donald Trump.

    Ms Butina is reportedly co-operating with investigators. Prosecutors expect the deal will give them information about Russia’s efforts to interfere in US politics.

    Federal prosecutors have claimed that Ms Butina was directed by a senior Russian official to infiltrate conservative political groups, including an unnamed pro-gun lobbying organisation that is presumed to be the NRA, which is close to Mr Trump’s Republican Party.

    One of the two Americans cited in the case has been identified in US media as Paul Erickson, a South Dakota-based conservative political activist who was dating Ms Butina. He is listed in public records as being 56 years old.

    Media reports identified the Russian official as Alexander Torshin, a deputy governor of Russia’s central bank who was targeted with US sanctions.

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