"Tablet with ten commandments, Civic Center Park, Denver, Colorado" by Daderot is licensed under CC BY 1.0

Texas State Rep. Files Bill to Let Teachers Post Ten Commandments in Classrooms

Dec 12, 2018

By Hemant Mehta

A Texas Republican has already filed a bill that would allow public school teachers to post the Ten Commandments in their classrooms.

State Rep. Dan Flynn says in HB 307 that “The board of trustees of an independent school district may not prohibit the posting of a copy of the Ten Commandments in a prominent location in a district classroom.”

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Flynn. “If a teacher wants to put it in her classroom, she should be able to do it just as if she wanted to put up Halloween, Thanksgiving or any other decorations.

“I think it’s a good list of disciplines that young people would find very meaningful to them.”

There’s no justification for putting up a poster that tells students they can’t have any other gods but the Christian one, that idols are blasphemous, that taking the Lord’s name in vain is wrong, and that if they work on the Sabbath they should be put to death.

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