"In God We Trust Plaque" by US Capitol / Public Domain

An IL Republican Accidentally Told the Truth About His “In God We Trust” Bill

Jan 30, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

Illinois is the latest state with a Christian legislator pushing for “In God We Trust” signs in every public school.

House Bill 341, filed by Republican State Rep. Darren Bailey, would allow schools to display the phrase in a “conspicuous location inside or outside each school building.” It wouldn’t be mandatory, so there’s that, but it’s still useless.

Why the hell does Bailey want to waste time on this?

“As a God-fearing Christian, I believe that the lack of such is the problem in our country today,”he said.

So much for justifying the legislation with lies about how we need to be more patriotic… Bailey says the phrase has nothing to do with honoring the country and everything to do with pushing his religion on everybody else. Rookie mistake. He said the quiet part out loud and gave away his real agenda.

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