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Catholic cardinal says any new NY law for abuse victims should avoid ‘breaking’ the church

Jan 3, 2019

By Corky Siemaszko

With the New York state Legislature expected to take up a bill that could enable more victims of sex abuse by priests to sue, Cardinal Timothy Dolan is calling for a measure that avoids “breaking” the Roman Catholic Church.

Dolan, who as archbishop of New York leads more than 2 million Catholics, says he is in favor of a proposed “Child Victims Act” but that such a bill should focus on helping victims.

“The emphasis must be on helping them heal, not breaking government, educational, health, welfare, or religious organizations and institutions,” Dolan wrote in a op-ed Tuesday in The Daily News.

To achieve this, the cardinal said the bill should be modeled on an independent program run by the archdiocese of New York and four other dioceses in the state that has already paid over $200 million in compensation to more than 1,000 people.

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One comment on “Catholic cardinal says any new NY law for abuse victims should avoid ‘breaking’ the church”

  • Time for Catholics everywhere to recognise the church as an organisation is simply callus and evil.  Why people put money in the donation tray is beyond me.  Catholics should recognise they are financially supporting a system that has fought every step of the way to deal with this issue.  It’s beyond begging for fair treatment at this stage I would have thought.  How about the church give up the priests under protection of Vatican city?  How about they open up their records?  I thought not.  Then you deserve to be broken.

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