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Here Are the Worst Anti-LGBT Bills to Watch for in 2019

Jan 7, 2019

By Samantha Allen

Like clockwork, anti-LGBT bills emerge every year.

Only a handful become law—like 2015’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana, North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” in 2016, and Mississippi’s infamous HB 1523 in 2017.

Last year, two states—Kansas and Oklahoma—passed laws targeting LGBT adoption, carving out room for religious child welfare agencies to deny placement with same-sex couples. Legal challenges against those laws are currently underway.

Now, at the start of 2019–with state legislatures opening for business in the coming weeks—LGBT advocates are turning their attention forward to future battles. Although they say the overall outlook is favorable compared to previous years, there are still plenty of possible pitfalls ahead, especially in Georgia, where Brian Kemp has already indicated he would sign a “religious freedom” measure, and in Texas, where lawmakers may once again try to pass a “bathroom bill” after failing to do so in 2017.

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