"Faith Healing at Llandrindod Wells Methodist Church" by Geoff Charles / Public Domain

Plan B: A Revised Strategy to Battle Idaho’s Faith-Healing Exemptions

Jan 15, 2019

By George Prentice

“Maybe,” said Bruce Wingate. “Maybe this is the year.”

Wingate took a long breath and looked down at the draft of a measure that’s certain to trigger a fierce debate in the coming weeks of the 2019 Idaho Legislature.

“You know what? Forget I said ‘maybe.’ It can’t be ‘maybe’ anymore. It has to be ‘possibly,'” he said. “Yes, that’s it: ‘possibly.'”

Wingate’s “possibly” sounded a lot more optimistic than his “maybe” had a year ago. That’s when his organization, Protect Idaho Kids, was prepping for the fight of its life, pushing back against Idaho’s so-called faith-healing exemptions. To be more precise, Wingate stressed, “it’s the fight for the lives of Idaho children” who’ve been denied life-saving medical care in lieu of faith healing. On February 21, 2018, Wingate and nearly 100 others carried 183 tiny, empty coffins up Capitol Boulevard and stacked them on the steps of the Idaho Statehouse—one coffin for each Idaho infant, child or teen that, according to PIK, had died since the exemptions were put into place in the 1970s. The February demonstration was sobering, and the words shared there were as bone-chilling as the single-digit temperature.

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2 comments on “Plan B: A Revised Strategy to Battle Idaho’s Faith-Healing Exemptions

  •  …a church that practices faith healing and believes death and illness are the will of God

    As I incessantly say: if god is almighty, the lord and creator of all things, as all Christians must believe, then what they believe about sickness and death must be correct: all sickness and other evils are  created by god.  No wriggle room there.

    The counter argument, that god allows these things to happen to test men’s (or presumably women’s) faith or, much against his will, to punish sin must be false – a loving god could not be so cruel as to kill little children, nor could he stop being almighty for a bit, just to see how his children react to the various outrages which he perpetuates.

    By the same token, antibiotics etc are all ultimately made by him, through the agency of various mega pharma companies, so he shouldn’t mind us using them.

    In other words, the whole thing is a load of logical nonsense.

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