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Rep. Jamie Raskin: The Republican Party Is “Now Operating Like a Religious Cult”

Jan 14, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

Earlier this week, as the new Congress was sworn into office, the Congressional Freethought Caucus hosted a reception for members. There are currently 10 members of the House in the CFC, though hopefully more will join soon.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, one of the co-chairs of the CFC along with Rep. Jared Huffman and Rep. Jerry McNerney, gave an informal speech at the event reminding us that there are reasonable people in Congress. (Just not enough of them.) He also longed for a day when we have a more robust, more influential secular movement — certainly when it comes to politics.

… Thanks for being with us. Thanks for standing with us. I wanted to call it the Freethinkers Caucus because I thought that was more provocative, but [Rep.] Jared [Huffman] wanted to tone it down a little bit.

But everything that’s going on in the United States of America today is a testament to the power of irrationality and unreason, and the destruction of science and critical thinking. And the shutdown of the government, which affects 88,000 federal workers in my district, and tens of thousands more private contractors and small business people, is a tribute to an administration which doesn’t care about science or data or even basic logic.

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