"World War I Memorial, Bladensburg, Maryland" by Ben Jacobson / CC BY-SA 3.0

Here’s Why the Supreme Court Must Say the Bladensburg Cross Is Unconstitutional

Feb 1, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

Next month, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in The American Legion v. American Humanist Association. The case involves the 40-foot-tall “Peace Cross” (a.k.a. the Bladensburg Cross), a World War I memorial in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

While supporters of the cross say it’s a perfectly legal war memorial, the AHA argues that it’s really just a giant advertisement for Christianity — maintained using taxpayer dollars — and any reasonable person looking at the cross would agree. If they lose the case, we may see an outpouring of Christian crosses erected on public property for ostensibly secular purposes… even though the real reason would be obvious to everyone.

You can read a longer history of the case right here, but in this post, I wanted to explain the main arguments that the AHA and its allies are making in defense of their position. The AHA submitted its written arguments last week and its allies submitted theirs yesterday.

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