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Michigan’s Top Lawyer Just Pulled Out of Three Church/State Separation Lawsuits

Feb 4, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

Elections have consequences, and Michigan will no longer be wasting time fighting right-wing battles now that there’s a progressive in the top legal office. Attorney General Dana Nessel announced yesterday that Michigan would be pulling out of eight lawsuits that her predecessor, Bill Schuette, pushed them into.

Four of them involve challenges to reproductive freedom. One would permit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. And the other three involve church/state separation… so let’s talk about those last three.

Freedom From Religion v. Lehigh is all about a Christian cross that appears in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania’s official seal.

Gaylor v. Mnuchin is all about whether the U.S. government should give religious leaders special tax breaks for housing that don’t apply to the heads of atheist organizations.

Barker v. Conroy is all about whether an atheist should be allowed to deliver an invocation in the U.S. House.

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