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Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants to Push Christian Revisionist History in Public Schools

Feb 19, 2019

By Andrew Seidel

Christian nationalists are always looking for ways to use our public schools to promote their warped, revisionist version of U.S. history. Myths like Christianity and the Bible playing a central role at the Constitutional Convention (nope, and it didn’t include a formal prayer either), like George Washington praying in the snow at Valley Forge (he didn’t), or the Ten Commandments forming the basis of our laws (not even close).

Oklahoma State Senator David Bullard is wading into those dissembling waters with a new bill, SB 572, which encourages history teachers to “discuss the role of religion, including but not limited to Christianity and the Bible, while discussing the foundational documents and principles of the United States.” Bullard especially wants direct quotes from the founding fathers, including “Noah Webster, Joseph Story and John Adams.”

We all know where this is going.

Bullard is seeking to use the machinery of the state to promote Christian nationalism and its bad history. He wants public school history classes in Oklahoma to be live versions of Hobby Lobby’s wildly misleading July 4 ads.

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