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Supreme Court Won’t Hear Case Involving Catholic Church and Texas Abortion Law

Feb 20, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

This morning, the Supreme Court said it would not hear the case of Whole Woman’s Health vs. TX Catholic Conference, preserving a victory for the anti-abortion Right.

That case is worth revisiting in part because of how disturbing the twists and turns have been.

For all their complaints about “activist judges,” the Religious Right doesn’t actually have a problem with judges who rule on their personal beliefs, as opposed to the law, as long as it supports their side. This case was always about a conservative judge getting away with judicial activism.

Judge James Ho was a former volunteer attorney for the Christian Right group First Liberty Institute. He was then nominated by Donald Trump to sit on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and confirmed by the Senate, 53-43, in a mostly party-line vote.

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