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VA Lawmaker Behind Bible Bill Says He Wouldn’t Support Similar Qur’an Bill

Feb 7, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

Virginia State Sen. Charles Carrico is one of several Republicans across the country to introduce a Project Blitz-inspired piece of legislation to push the Bible in public schools. His bill, SB 1502, would force public school districts in the state to offer Bible courses to students. While the bill calls for religious neutrality, forcing such classes on districts — regardless of student interest — already shows favoritism towards Christianity.

His Democratic colleagues actually called him out on that during a debate on the senate floor. State Sen. John Edwards pointed out that there are a number of religions that are non-theistic, so promoting God in school violates both the First Amendment and the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom (written by Thomas Jefferson). Carrico, not surprisingly, said his bill violated neither one… because lying in the name of Jesus is always permitted.

But then, near the end of the video below (at the 4:26 mark), State Sen. Janet Howell asked a simple question: Would Carrico back a similar bill to teach the Qur’an in schools?

His response? Hell no.

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