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GOP Confirms Anti-LGBTQ, Church/State Separation Opponent to Appellate Court

Mar 6, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

In news that’s shocking to nobody, Senate Republicans have successfully put an unqualified, ideological, conservative Christian on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, making sure she can bend the law to their will for decades to come.

37-year-old Allison Jones Rushing once interned with the Christian Right group Alliance Defending Freedom, a group that opposes civil rights for LGBTQ people, and now she’ll have the opportunity to block efforts at equality on her own, for the rest of her life.

A number of church/state separation groups condemned her nomination months ago, but none of that mattered to the 53 Republicans who unanimously gave her a promotion. (All 44 Democrats who were present voted against her.)

In a letter signed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Secular Coalition for America, Center For Inquiry, and American Atheists back in October, the groups called on the Senate Judiciary Committee to reject her nomination for a number of reasons. Like other civil rights groups, they noted her lack of experience, the fact that she didn’t have the support of the American Bar Association, and her close ties with anti-LGBTQ hate groups. They also mentioned a handful of arguments that specifically got to the heart of church/state separation.

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