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Missouri Bill to Teach Bible Class in Public Schools Inches Closer to Law

Mar 18, 2019

By David G. McAfee

A bill sponsored by a Missouri legislator would allow public school districts to offer elective Bible classes to students. HB 267 wouldn’t force districts to offer the classes like a similar bill in Florida, but it still opens the schools up to possible legal troubles if the classes aren’t taught objectively.

The legislation — which is co-sponsored by 18 Republicans and 1 Democrat — was put forth by Republican Rep. Ben Baker, and it has already passed through two separate House subcommittees.

Baker says the aim of the class would be to teach students how those books influenced society — and America’s founding fathers.

“That connection in of itself I think would help understand a lot of things: government, law, justice — you can go down the line,” Baker said. “There’s a lot of value there in understanding those, aside from being able to understand the culture around us.”

The way he says that suggests he wants to promote David Barton-style pseudo-history instead of actually discussing how the Founders supported church/state separation. Teaching the influence of the Bible on the formation of the United States, which was founded as a secular nation, doesn’t make very much sense. It sounds a lot like Texas trying to inject Moses into their U.S. history classes.

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