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WI Supreme Court Candidate Suddenly Reverses Church/State Separation Position

Mar 7, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

Brian Hagedorn, a candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, once wrote on a blog that legalizing homosexual acts would lead to legal bestiality. The evangelical Christian also called Planned Parenthood a “wicked organization” that cared more about “killing babies” than “helping women.” (The title of that post? “Another reason why I hate Planned Parenthood.”)

Subtlety is not one of his strong suits.

He also said people who accept the Christian God are “better” than ones who don’t.

And — this went beyond personal bigotry — he said that it was up to individual states to decide the legality of prayer in school or Ten Commandments monuments outside courthouses. That went against decades of legal precedence and implied a complete misunderstanding (or denial) of the Establishment Clause.

He literally wrote “states can do whatever they want on religion and the federal government was not going to intervene” and that a “secular public sphere is not only not neutral, it is (and is in reality now) antagonistic toward people of faith.”

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