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Christian Pedophile Roy Moore Leads Alabama GOP 2020 Senate Race

Apr 17, 2019

By Michael Stone

Alabama Republicans love Christian pedophile Roy Moore: Conservative Christian darling and former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore leads the field of potential 2020 Senate Republican candidates.

Alabama Politics reports:

A new poll released Tuesday has former U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore as the top choice among GOP primary voters likely to vote in upcoming 2020 Senate election.

The Hill reports:

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore leads the field of potential Republicans vying for the chance to challenge Sen. Doug Jones (D), a year and a half after Moore lost what was supposed to be an easy election in a deep-red state.

According to a new survey from Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy Inc., Moore currently enjoys  the support of 27 percent of Alabama Republican voters, while Rep. Mo Brooks has 18 percent, Rep. Bradley Byrne  3 percent and Rep. Gary Palmer 11 percent.

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One comment on “Christian Pedophile Roy Moore Leads Alabama GOP 2020 Senate Race”

  • Sounds like the perfect candidate for the GOP.  Marriage is still permitted in Alabama for 14 year olds, if Ma, Pa and your friendly local bible-thumping judge agree, so he was just dipping into that honey pot, admittedly on the wrong side of the blanket.  I’m sure that he would have showed repentance.

    He doesn’t believe in any of that scientific false information and is a lover of the Good Book.  He’s got no time for non-whites, gays, transgenders or muslims and he was/is a birther. He don’t hold with none of them ungodly laws passed by the liberals of Washington

    Like all good Christians, he also knows how lucrative religion can be, and his non-profit Foundation for Moral Law has proved to be a good little earner for him and his family.

    Altogether a good choice for the god-fearing, plain folk of Alabamie.

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