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“Doctor” Accused of Killing Patients Promoting Dangerous Autism “Cure” on Facebook

Apr 26, 2019

By Katie Joy

A British woman on the run from law enforcement is promoting an unregulated blood product as a cure for autism on Facebook. Amanda Mary Jewell promises parents of autistic children that a product called GcMAF will cure autism by improving their immune system. However, Jewell is not a doctor and the product she is promoting is not approved for the treatment of autism.

In a Facebook group GcMAF Oracle, Amanda Mary Jewell gives medical advice to patients from around the world. Jewell is not a doctor nor does she have any medical training. However, she claims she is a “cancer researcher” that can heal a range of diseases like HIV, AIDS, heart disease, cancer, and autism.

GcMAF is a blood product derived from plasma. The product is produced by modification of the vitamin-d-binding protein. Individuals that promote the product believe that GcMAF attacks the viruses and diseases in the body.

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