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FOX News Rabbi Blames Synagogue Shooting on Nation’s “Decline in Religiosity”

Apr 29, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

During an appearance on FOX News yesterday, Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow of the Shaarey Tefilla Congregation was discussing the recent shooting in California when he effectively blamed a lack of religion for the rise of violence at churches, mosques, and synagogues.

But don’t worry. He didn’t say all atheists were potential mass murderers. He definitely said the number was less than all. (The segment begins around the 25:45 mark in the video below.)

HOST LELAND VITTERT: … Is anti-Semitism in America making a resurgence?

SENDROW: There are more anti-Semitic acts, that’s undeniable. I maintain that America is not a racist, nor an anti-Semitic society. The percentage of bad actors is infinitesimally small. But we know all too well that it only takes one bad actor to wreak havoc on a community. And that’s what we’ve seen.

VITTERT: … What’s happening in the world?

SENDROWI believe that at least a piece of it is the decline in adherence to religious values and an adoption of secular values. Now I’m not at all saying every secularist is a potential mass murderer. But I think there is a sickness in the soul of our society, and I believe that a symptom of that is our decline in religiosity as a society.

Huh. Thanks for the nuance there…

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