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Journal Claims Russian Troops Have Psychic Powers

Apr 9, 2019

By Kyle Mizokami

An article in an official army periodical is being ridiculed for claiming that the Russian military has psychic abilities and has used them in wartime. The article makes big claims but outside Russian critics claim it’s all nonsense and that the article should never have appeared in a Russian military publication.

The article, “Super-Soldier for the Future Wars,” was published in the February issue of the Russian Army’s Army Digest. The author, reservist Colonel Nikolai Poroskov, makes reference to “metacontact technology,” which is apparently a new word for what the rest of the world calls psychic technology. Even better, the Russian military learned the technology from dolphins, which are naturally psychic. As a result, according to Poroskov, a soldier trained in the metacontact arts can:

[See] (through) a captured enemy soldier: what kind of person he is, what his weak and strong points are, whether he will go to recruitment. The reliability of the interrogation is almost one hundred percent. From him it is impossible to “get out.” Technologies of counteraction to such interrogation train special forces soldiers in case of being taken prisoner, the highest persons of the country or the leaders of large industrial and banking structures – in order to preserve state or commercial secrets.

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