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Mike Pence’s Upcoming Commencement at a Christian Univ. is Already Causing Chaos

Apr 15, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

A week after Mike Pence delivers a commencement address at Liberty University (where else?), he’ll be giving another one at Taylor University, a small Christian school in Upland, Indiana.

That doesn’t sit well with everyone at the school, though. They have no problem with an evangelical Christian speaker, of course, but unlike Liberty, they have no desire to pretend this administration is good for the country. In an essay for the Washington Post, faculty member Amy Peterson notes that the announcement about Pence has created a lot of frustration and fear on campus — not to mention opposition.

As soon as the announcement was made, a professor from the biblical studies, Christian ministries and philosophy department called for a vote of dissent. After some discussion, during which some faculty expressed support for Pence’s presence, comparing him to the biblical figure of Daniel, and others critiqued the decision, 49 faculty voted in favor of Pence addressing the community at commencement. Sixty-one voted in opposition.

Many students and young alumni aren’t happy, either.

In our increasingly polarized political climate, this decision does not encourage unity, but exacerbates existing divisions.

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