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Texas House Debates Bill Giving the Death Penalty to Women Who Have Abortions

Apr 11, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

Texas Republican State Rep. Tony Tinderholt is the primary author of a bill, HB 896, that would classify abortion as a homicide.

Women who have abortions could theoretically be punished with the death penalty… so the “pro-life” side here wants to kill women to save an unborn fetus.

Tinderholt pushed a similar bill in 2017 (that thankfully went nowhere) because he wanted to make women more “personally responsible” for their sex lives. Mind you, that 2017 bill had no exceptions for victims of rape… so he had every intention of making rape victims suffer even more.

He also framed this bill as simply making the law fair.

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One comment on “Texas House Debates Bill Giving the Death Penalty to Women Who Have Abortions”

  • So if a woman is raped and finds herself pregnant the poor girl ends up either having to have a reminder of the trauma for the rest of her life or dead! What sort of backward looking bastards are even thinking of something like this? Abortion for the sake of it I don’t agree with, but in many cases there are valid reasons for it. The Death penalty for women who have undergone such a thing is totally barbaric! You can bet this was dreamed up by some radical Christian male who has never had to undergo such trauma. Christianity, the religion of Love, Yeah right! About as loving as the nutcases who call themselves ISIL, etc. Totally out of touch with the real world!

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