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Creationist Ken Ham Claims Public Libraries Are ‘Dangerous Places’ For Children

Jun 28, 2019

By Michael Stone

The stupid, it burns: Ken Ham, the creationist behind Kentucky’s Ark Encounter, claims that “public libraries are becoming dangerous places for kids.”

The New York Daily News reports:

The creationist responsible for Kentucky’s Ark Encounter — a museum set inside a replica of the Biblical Noah’s Ark — is warning children about the dangers posed by libraries.

Former science teacher and hardcore evangelical Ken Ham tweeted a link to a right wing article bemoaning the presence of LGBTQ-friendly books in libraries along with a caption stating “the enemy” is trying to infiltrate the hearts and minds of kids.

Speaking out on Twitter, the intellectually challenged conservative Christian who believes the Earth is only 6,000 years old warned his followers that “public libraries are becoming dangerous places for kids (of all ages)” because public libraries offer LGBT friendly books.

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