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Former Creation Museum Staffer Exposes “Toxic Culture” of Ken Ham’s Empire

Jun 26, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

In October of 2015, Creationist Ken Ham and his colleagues decided to throw a month-long Halloween event at the Creation Museum. (Minus the demons and witchcraft.) There would even be a life-sized creature on hand to take pictures with the kids while museum staffers would be on hand to answer questions about what the Bible really says about extraterrestrials.

In a blog post about the event, Answers in Genesis highlighted the work of Ariella Duran, who had been roped into being the human inside that life-sized alien costume.

Neila is “alien” spelled backwards, and it is the name given to the alien puppet by [puppeteer] Retha [Elger] with some input from Neila’s human operator, Ariella Duran, during the early stages of costume fittings. The pair were working together to get the costume looking just right when they decided that Neila must be a distant cousin of the planetarium’s alien, Jimi (stands for “just in my imagination”) because they are both green, a little chubby, and cyclopean.

Ariella had just joined the Creation Museum guest services staff about one month before she found herself volunteering to be the official costume-wearer at the museum.

Hey, it’s a job.

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