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Another State Could Soon Insert Anti-Abortion Propaganda Into Public Schools

Jul 22, 2019

By Erin Heger

As GOP-majority state legislatures pass laws aimed at drastically restricting access to abortion care, Republican lawmakers are seeking to control education and public messaging about abortion, pregnancy, and reproductive health.

Ohio Republicans are pushing a measure that would create a public school curriculum infusing anti-abortion languageinto health and science education standards and restricting students’ access to information about their options when facing an unintended pregnancy. Oklahoma lawmakers passed similar legislation in 2016, but have not yet implemented the anti-abortion curriculum due to budget constraints.

House Bill 90, pending in Ohio’s House of Representatives, would require the state’s health department to design a curriculum centered on the “humanity of the unborn child” that provides detailed information about fetuses and gestation.

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One comment on “Another State Could Soon Insert Anti-Abortion Propaganda Into Public Schools”

  • I see the discriminatory anti-medical service, bigoted state legislators, have been blocked once again by the courts.


    A US federal judge has temporarily blocked a strict new abortion law in the state of Georgia that would have banned terminations as early as six weeks into pregnancy.
    The law, signed in May by Republican Governor Brian Kemp, was scheduled to come into effect on 1 January.

    A group of civil rights groups, doctors and clinics sued state officials in June in an attempt to block it.

    The governor’s office said it was reviewing the judge’s decision.

    The state’s so-called “heartbeat bill” seeks to make abortion illegal as soon as a foetal heartbeat can be detected. In most cases that is around the six-week mark of a pregnancy, before many women know they are pregnant.

    The contorted mental processes of these delusional anti-social medical illiterates, really does show the uncaring  bigoted backwardness and ignorance, on which much of US politics is based.

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