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Anti-Vaxxer Sues NY to Give Religious Groups the Right to Spread Measles Again

Jul 12, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

Weeks after New York passed a law ending religious exemptions for required vaccinations, a conspiracy theorist is suing to protect his side’s right to spread diseases in the name of God.

Keep in mind that the bill passed following a public health crisis in the state, largely hurting Orthodox Jewish communities. The only people who shouldn’t be required to get vaccines are people who have medical reasons for it. To use God as an excuse, putting the public’s health in jeopardy, is wildly irresponsible.

The government needed to take action, and the Democratic-majority legislature did just that. Science won out over religion, and public health won out over a faith-based death wish.

Now conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has filed a class action lawsuit with fellow attorney Michael H. Sussman, on behalf of 55 families, arguing that religious exemptions must be reinstated.

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One comment on “Anti-Vaxxer Sues NY to Give Religious Groups the Right to Spread Measles Again”

  • Sad to see such anti-social drivel being peddled and supported by a scion of this illustrious family, who have, by and large, contributed so much to American life.  Far from being perfect, politically or socially, the Kennedys left a legacy of some decency, intelligence and positive achievement to their country and to the world.

    Mind you, his great grandfather was also involved in anti-social peddling, and of supporting a disagreeable political ideology, so perhaps the worm has turned full circle.

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