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Bishop claims God gave holy men the ability to tell if a man is gay by smelling him

Jul 30, 2019

By Bil Browning

Bishop Neophytos of Morphou, best known for his ridiculous claims about LGBTQ people, is back with a whopper. The Greek Orthodox priest was last seen on LGBTQ Nation after he claimed that if a pregnant woman has anal sex, the baby will be gay.

The group Accept – LGBTI Cyprus has released video taken at the same speech of Neophytos claiming that holy men are able to tell if a man is gay by smelling him. To illustrate his nonsense, he told a story about “a very handsome young man” and a “holy monk.”

“As he walked by… the monk said to him: ‘Young man I need to tell you. Stop what you’re doing’,” Neophytos said. “‘What am I?’ replied the young man.”

“‘This sleeping around. You’ll catch something, a disease, and die young. You should repent. There is joy in repenting’,” Neophytos narrated.

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