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Catholics Walk Out of Sermon After Priest Urges Forgiveness for Sexual Predators

Jul 5, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

Around 70 Catholics walked out of a service after retired priest Ulrich Zurkuhlen urged everyone to practice forgiveness… for predator priests who had been found guilty of molesting children.

Zurkuhlen was trying to make the case that no one is purely evil and that the pedophiles were also “good clerics in their communities,” but the Church members, some of whom were reportedly victims of sexual abuse, weren’t having it.

Several parishioners reportedly interrupted the 79-year-old Zurkuhlen and tried to argue with him. A worshipper told Kirche-und-Leben that the situation became chaotic and the priest was not able to finish the sermon.

When asked about the reaction his sermon caused among worshippers, Zurkuhlen said that it was “a real shock.” He lamented that he was unable to get his point across, especially the biblically important meaning of forgiveness, to what he called “the screaming mob.”

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One comment on “Catholics Walk Out of Sermon After Priest Urges Forgiveness for Sexual Predators”

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    Cairsley says:

    Sexually molesting a child is a crime, and, besides the victim’s need for help to deal with the effects of that crime, the offender needs first to be brought to justice for his crime. Bringing the offender to justice is a necessary part of the healing of the victim, and this  makes possible a later stage of the victim’s healing, namely to forgive the offender. Pater Zurkuhlen had part of the matter right, but he had it in the wrong order. For far too long, Catholic bishops and priests have been concealing the crimes and ignoring the needs of the victims, and Pater Zurkuhlen now sulks because the congregants objected to his preaching that people should be more forgiving towards child-molesters? Let the Catholic hierarchs clean up their act first.

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