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Creationists Say Ark Encounter Gets No Money from KY Taxpayers. That’s a Lie.

Jul 31, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

Very few reporters know the ins and outs of Ark Encounter as well as the Lexington Herald-Leader‘s Linda Blackford because she’s been reporting on Ken Ham’s attractions for years now. So when she writes about how the Ark isn’t having the impact that Ham suggests to his followers, it’s especially infuriating to him because Blackford is one of the few mainstream media reporters who covers what he does.

It also infuriates him because she’s right.

In a recent opinion piece, she even wrote about how sad it was to see Ark Encounter take so much from the community while giving back something so useless:

… People are free to believe anything they want, but in a country founded by those trying to escape religious dogmatism who made the separation between church and state a pillar of our society, it’s very trying to see Kentucky’s limited tax dollars being spent on this fundamentalist Disneyland.

… [Ham’s] hefty payouts from Williamstown and Grant County have yet to bear fruit.

Ham called her “Arkophobic” on Twitter and then elaborated online. For example, he hated how she said it wasn’t helping the economy when it totally is.

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