"Tablet with ten commandments, Civic Center Park, Denver, Colorado" by Daderot is licensed under CC BY 1.0

Hamilton County (TX) May Install Ten Commandments Monument Outside Courthouse

Jul 25, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

For some reason, the commissioners in Hamilton County, Texas think it’d be a great idea to install a stand-alone Ten Commandments monument outside the local courthouse, despite a very clear Supreme Court ruling that says that very thing is an illegal promotion of Christianity.

There’s already an “In God We Trust” sign outside the courthouse which skirts the boundary of church/state separation but has traditionally been on the “legal” side of it. The Ten Commandments one, however, would cross that boundary without question.

When the commissioners met this week, the discussion went in the wrong direction when a local judge cosplaying Roy Moore insisted there was nothing wrong with the potential Christian monument.

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