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Despite Religious Opposition, Edmonton Moves to Ban Conversion Therapy

Aug 30, 2019

By Val Wilde

Following the example of their northwestern neighborSt. Albert, the Canadian city of Edmonton, Alberta, is taking steps to ban the practice of conversion therapy.

Predictably, some Edmonton faith groups are claiming that the ban will infringe upon their freedom to practice their religion.

The Edmonton City Council listened to testimony on Tuesday both for and against the ban. One group, Faith Beyond Belief, also outlined their position in a lengthy blog post:

A conversion therapy ban would unduly target people of faith who view marriage between a husband and wife as the only acceptable place for sexual activity… If “praying the gay away” is considered a harmful practice akin to shock therapy, as some activists claim, then any prayer against homosexuality could potentially be seen as violating the bylaw. Edmonton’s municipal government would have to regulate the practices of religious Canadians in order to enforce the bylaw, something the Canadian Charter specifically forbids.

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