"Rep. Keller Speaking on the House Floor" by Ohio House of Representatives / Public Domain

GOP Lawmaker Blames Mass Shootings On Drag Queens, Video Games, Marijuana

Aug 6, 2019

By Michael Stone

The stupids, it burns: Ohio Rep. Candice Keller blames mass shootings on Obama, gay marriage, drag queen advocates, video games, and recreational marijuana; but never once mentions guns, or the racist policies of the GOP and the White-Supremacist-In-Chief.

In an obnoxious Facebook rant Republican lawmaker Candice Keller from Southwest Ohio complains about liberals playing the “blame game” after every mass shooting before placing the blame on almost everything except guns.

Keller, from Middletown, Ohio, a small city 30 miles south of Dayton, where a gunman killed nine on Sunday, wrote:

After every mass shooting, the liberals start the blame game. Why not place the blame where it belongs?

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