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Is God a Winning Strategy for Democrats?

Aug 2, 2019

By Andrew L. Seidel

Conservative Christians aren’t real Christians. That seems to be the argument Democratic hopeful Pete Buttigieg was making when he lambasted “so-called conservative Christian senators” at this week’s Democratic Debate. Then he quoted Proverbs. Mayor Pete was building on the “#FakeChristian” line of attack used against Vice President Pence after his trip to the border.

This rhetoric may seem effective because many Christian voters don’t like the Trump administration using their religion to justify putting children in cages. But the rhetoric is unsound for two reasons. First, one can easily find biblical or theological support for either side of the issue, and second, it’s less likely to sway a swing voter than it is to turn off the fastest growing voting bloc: the “Nones.”

Mayor Pete said something similar in the last debate.

The Republican party likes to cloak itself in the language of religion. Now, our party doesn’t talk about that as much, largely for a very good reason, which was: We are committed to the separation of church and state and we stand for people of any religion and people with no religion.

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