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Preacher Blames TX Shooting on Nation Having “Thrown Out the Ten Commandments”

Aug 5, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

Another mass shooting, another manifesto suggesting this was a white supremacist who feared a “Hispanic invasion,” another round of useless thoughts and prayers.

And you knew this would come, too: Another Christian suggesting this was caused by a lack of forced religion in public school.

Evangelist Ray Comfort posted a video last night offering his theory as to why this incident occurred. It’s the dumbest thing he’s said since claiming bananas were atheists’ worst nightmare.

… once again, experts are mystified as to why this is happening so often. The answer to this question isn’t complicated. As a nation, we’ve thrown out the Ten Commandments, and that’s left a generation without a measuring rod of good and evil

Jesus H. Christ, he acts like shooters would see the phrase “Thou shalt not kill” — after they made it through the earlier ones about not worshiping false idols or taking the Lord’s name in vain — and suddenly put their guns away. A list of rules that doesn’t even include “Thou shalt not rape” and “Thou shalt say no to slavery” is hardly a comprehensive ethical guide.

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2 comments on “Preacher Blames TX Shooting on Nation Having “Thrown Out the Ten Commandments”

  • Bananaman. Good heavens, I’d forgotten all about him!

    Note to the gun advocates coming up with an ever-more bizarre list of ‘reasons’ for the numbers of Americans killing other Americans: the rest of the world *also* experiences mental health problems, *also* has ‘bad people’, *also* has video games, *also* has gay rights, *also* lets women control their bodies, *also* doesn’t ram the Ten Commandments down people’s throats, is *also* experiencing a decline in religiosity … and yet, for some strange reason, we *don’t* go round massacring people on an almost daily basis.

    It’s almost as if gun control actually saved lives …


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