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The Mormon Church Just Got Sued for Perpetuating a Giant “Scheme of Lies”

Aug 7, 2019

By Hemant Mehta

A woman who grew up in the Mormon Church is suing it — the whole damn religion — for lying to her. Laura A. Gaddy filed the class action lawsuit this week, and it’s a doozy.

She insists that her lawsuit isn’t about the Church lying in the same way all religions make things up (otherwise Creationist Ken Ham would be sued every freaking day). She’s angry at the Church for “misrepresenting the foundational history of Mormonism” — saying that the faith was founded on a series of beliefs, which the Church has since “whitewashed” and “manipulated” — leading to “immeasurable emotional harm in the form of existential crises, suicides, broken families, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.”

Here’s an example of what she’s talking about, as explained by Courthouse News Service:

According to Mormon history, an angel guided [Joseph] Smith to buried gold plates near his home in Upstate New York in 1823. Smith allegedly collected the plates, which were inscribed in reformed Egyptian by ancient Americans with Hebraic DNA, and translated them into the church’s signature text, the Book of Mormon, which he published in 1830.

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