"Bethel Church Redding, CA" by Nate Bailey / CC BY-SA 3.0

This Megachurch Is ‘Glamorizing’ Conversion Therapy on Instagram

Aug 23, 2019

By Nico Lang

“Can a person leave homosexuality behind?”

That was the question posed on Monday by Bethel Church, a nondenominational, charismatic church located in Redding, Calif — asked its follow Counting an estimated 9,000 members, the church espouses fringe beliefs that have proven controversial even in the evangelical movement, with dedicated ministries devoted to Faith Healing and Dead Raising.

Bethel Church also advocates for conversion therapy, the widely discredited practice of attempting to “cure” an LGBTQ+ person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Although the treatment is loosely defined, it can range from everything to “praying the gay away” to shock treatment and water torture. Eighteen states have banned conversion therapy, while the American Medical AssociationWorld Health Organization, and United Nations have all condemned the practice.

Although Bethel Church does not appear to directly offer conversion therapy on its grounds, its Instagram account has been promoting CHANGED, a project of the “freedom from homosexuality” ministry Equipped to Love.

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