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Transgender student suspended from Christian college after top surgery

Aug 13, 2019

By Gwen Aviles

A transgender male student was suspended from a Christian college because of his gender identity on the same day he got surgery to remove breast tissue.

Yanna Awtrey, 21, was staying with family friends for the summer before his junior year at Welch College, a Free Will Baptists Church institution, in Gallatin, Tennessee, began.

“I left a letter with the couple on Aug. 2, the day of the surgery, telling them that I’d be having surgery — though I didn’t specify what the surgery would be for,” Awtrey told NBC News.

After struggling with gender dysphoria — a medical condition resulting from a conflict between one’s sex assigned at birth and one’s gender identity — since early adolescence, getting top surgery, which involves removing breast tissue to flatten the chest, was an emotional experience for Awtrey.

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