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A Mississippi wedding venue rejected an interracial couple, citing ‘Christian belief.’ Facing a backlash, the owner apologized.

Sep 4, 2019

By Allyson Chiu

When LaKambria S. Welch drove to Boone’s Camp Event Hall on Saturday, she was in search of an explanation.

Welch told The Washington Post in an email that her brother and his fiancee had recently been coordinating with the wedding venue in Booneville, Miss., about hosting their upcoming nuptials until they were informed that they were no longer welcome.

Why? Welch said it’s because her brother is black and his bride-to-be is white.

In a now-viral video shared to social media by Welch over the weekend, a woman identified as the event hall’s owner can be seen telling the 24-year-old, “First of all, we don’t do gay weddings or mixed race … because of our Christian race, I mean, our Christian belief.”

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